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Discover Medical Integration with ADVANCED MEDICAL INTEGRATION 

Doctors... is Advanced Medical Integration right for you?

Are you a doctor and own your own practice? Do you want to maximize your patient outcomes? Then we are looking for you to come and join the AMI family! Let’s change healthcare together! See what Responsible Pain Management looks like and how it helps your patients without the use of harmful drugs and unnecessary surgeries. If you are looking to...

Maximize Patient Outcomes.
Maximize Practice Compliance.
Maximize Business Profitability.

... then reach out to AMI and get their Medical Integration Guide Book.


AMI is revolutionizing the business of pain management by building and expanding healthcare businesses to become the #1 choice for pain care. Their vision is to create 1,650 healthcare businesses impacting 1,029,600 lives each year through Responsible Pain Management™.


AMI transforms healthcare by forwarding a model of Responsible Pain Management™ that reduces the need for pain medication.

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Still have some questions?

If you are still hesitant or not sure if this can be a right fit for you, or perhaps this can be a fit for a colleague of yours or someone you went to school with... let me know.

Reach out to me personally and I will set up a call for you so that your questions can be answered. What do you have to lose?